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List Of Competitors

We maintain a list of competitors. If your product is not included in this list, feel free to add it.

Name Link Licence Cost Github-Stars Relevant Features
Keycloak Apache-2.0 0 16.6k
Azure Active Directory Proprietär ab $ 599,-/Monat SaaS
OneLogin Proprietär ?
Auth0 Proprietär ab $ 800,-/Monat SaaS
Ping Identity Proprietär ?
WSO2 Identity Server Proprietär ?
ForgeRock Proprietär ?
OpenAM 0 117
FusionAuth Proprietär ab $ 125,-/Monat
Okta Workforce Identity Proprietär ?
Casdoor Apache-2.0 0 6.5k
Authelia Apache-2.0 0 16.7k
ZITADEL Apache-2.0 0 3.9k
IdentityServer Proprietär
Ory Proprietär
ory/hydra Apache-2.0 0 14.2k
ory/kratos Apache-2.0 0 8.9k
Authentik 0 4.1k
Authing MIT 0 975
Airlock Proprietär
cerbos Apache-2.0 0 1.5k
dex Apache-2.0 0 8.2k
openfga Apache-2.0 0 1.2k
topaz Apache-2.0 0 678