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Helm configuration parameters

Uitsmijter is best to install over helm.

helm repo add uitsmijter
helm update

To list available versions run:

helm search repo uitsmijter

To see a list with release candidates included:

helm search repo uitsmijter --devel

The complete Values.yaml is presented first, than the parameters are described as on overview. For detailed information please read the quick start guide.

Full Values.yaml

namespaceOverride: ""

  # Overrides the image tag whose default is the chart appVersion.
  tag: ""
  pullPolicy: Always

  - name: gitlab-auth
jwtSecret: "vosai0za6iex8AelahGemaeBooph6pah6Saezae0oojahfa7Re6leibeeshiu8ie"
redisPassword: "Shohmaz1"
storageClassName: "default-ext4"
installCRD: true
installSA: true

  # Log format options: console|ndjson
  logFormat: "console"
  # Log level options: trace|info|error|critical
  logLevel: "info"
  cookieExpirationInDays: 7
  tokenExpirationInHours: 2
  tokenRefreshExpirationInHours: 720
  # show the version information at /versions
  displayVersion: true

  - domain: ""
    tlsSecretName: ""
  - domain: ""
    tlsSecretName: ""

Parameter description

Parameter Default Description
namespaceOverride uitsmijter Namespace to install Uitsmijter to.
image.repository Docker repository for the Uitsmijter server image.
image.tag Version-Tag to install. Must be present in the image.repository.
image.pullPolicy Always The pull policy of the used image. When using a private repository, the name of the dockerPullSecret. See 🔗 Pull an Image from a Private Registry
jwtSecret Passphrase with that each JWT-token is signed.
redisPassword Password for the 🔗 Redis database where all refresh tokens are stored.
storageClassName Kubernetes 🔗 Storage Class to use to store the redis data.
installCRD true Install necessary 🔗 Custom Resource Definitions for Tenants and Clients.
installSA true Install 🔗 Service Accounts to allow to read Tenants and Clients.
config.logFormat console Log format options: console or ndjson.
config.logLevel info Level of log verbosity. Options: trace, info, error or critical
config.cookieExpirationInDays 7 Days a cookie is valid without refreshing its value.
config.tokenExpirationInHours 2 Invalidates the JWT-Token after number of hours.
config.tokenRefreshExpirationInHours 720 Invalidates the refresh token after number of hours.
config.displayVersion true Displays the version information of Uitsmijter under /versions publicly for all. You can turn this off for security reasons.
domains.domain List of Domains. Entry of the domain where Uitsmijter is listening on.
domains.tlsSecretName List of Domains. Entry of the name of the certificate secret.

Install Uitsmijter Helm Charts

helm install uitsmijter -f values.yaml uitsmijter/uitsmijter

Overwrite Parameters in a CI/CD-Pipeline from source

Overwriting parameters from the command line is possible. For example install Uitsmijter in a feature branch, it is not handy to provide extra Values.yaml’s, but set the parameters at the shell directly.

Here is an example from our gitlab pipeline to install feature-branches in its own namespace:

    - helm upgrade
      --install uitsmijter ./Deployment/helm/uitsmijter
      --set image.tag=${CONTAINER_IMAGE_TAG}
      --set "domains[0].domain=${CI_COMMIT_REF_SLUG}"
      --set "domains[0]"
      --set "installCRD=false"
      --set "config.logLevel=debug"
      --namespace "uitsmijter-${CI_COMMIT_REF_SLUG}"

You can overwrite every parameter from the parameter description.